Learning Objective: Social Leadership

Function as mindful humanistic change agents and empathetic leaders skilled and knowledgeable about how to catalyze and sustain changes in social systems.

Artifact: Human Development for Social Leadership, Week 2 Strengthfinders (PDF)
Human Development for Social Leadership, Assignment 2 (PDF)
Human Development for Social Leadership, Final Project (PDF)

Rationale: Through the strength finders test, I was able to identify my leadership skills and how to build and grow on these strengths. In assignments two and three, I show how I would utilize mindful, leadership skills to social change projects. Assignment two is the social change issue that my capstone is based on. Assignment three was a group project where we envisioned a re-integration community for the homeless.

Change: This learning objective has helped me understand the following:

  1. What it really means to be a great leader.
  2. How good leadership creates social change.
  3. My leadership strengths and how to improve upon these.

Before starting this Masters course my understanding of leadership was poorly formulated and only included traditionally visible leadership roles such as business executives and high profile social activists. I now have a well-rounded perspective of what a good leader should be, how a good leader inspires the people they come into contact with, and most importantly that anyone at any level of an organization can be a good leader. Now I am able to recognize, and acknowledge good leadership in others and learn through their actions. As I grow my business to create social impact in the design and non-profit communities I will be able to apply my learnings from this class to understand the motivation of leaders I communicate with. I now know how to communicate my values and vision with more confidence and how to position myself as a leader in the design community and more directly with my clients and collaborative team.

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