Learning Objective: Social Impact Literacy

Synthesize the history, heritage, and context of social change and innovation for application to current world problems.

Artifact: Foundations of Social Impact Assignment 3 (PDF)

Rationale: In this paper I address the roadblocks of limited resources and communication knowledge in nonprofit organizations. I take a deeper dive into the specific components of education, leadership, creating self-reliance within nonprofits and what the future of branding for nonprofit organizations looks like, and attempt to answer the following questions: What is the historic and current status of branding in the nonprofit sector? Who are some of the major players and what approaches do they take? What is the current culture of learning in nonprofits? What does the infrastructure of nonprofits look like? How are communication specialists working towards improving social missions within the current constraints of learning and infrastructure in nonprofits? What is the future role of branding in nonprofit organizations? What are some innovative ideas that have the potential to improve nonprofit branding and design?

Change: Through this learning objective of looking at historic, current and future perspectives on social problems, I was able to expand my understanding of social impact. Understanding that there is a deficit in the learning and knowledge sharing culture within nonprofits and a lack of infrastructure, allowed me to consider new solutions to fulfill my social mission. I was able to look at innovative methods that past and current communication specialists are using to provide education and support to nonprofits. This learning objective significantly shaped my capstone action project and fueled my passion towards my social mission.

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