Learning Objective: Social Evaluation

Develop and employ evaluation and learning approaches to gain visibility on and adapt efforts for systems change and social innovation.

Artifact: MSI 5307 Week 9 Collaboration
MSI 5307 Assignment 3

Rationale: In Week 9’s collaboration post I applied this learning objective when I discussed how a well-known nonprofit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters, effectively uses the approach of storytelling to grow their mentorship program. I describe their use of videos and other media to share stories of how their mentees and mentors lives have changed through the program, and how the organization retains enormous social capital through their participants. In assignment 3, I show that I learnt this learning objective by sharing a comprehensive marketing plan developed for my social initiative. In this assignment I define the five P’s of marketing in regards to my idea, my target audience and the messaging that speaks to this audience. I share marketing strategies and lay out a sample editorial content plan to get the marketing strategy off the ground.

Change: I am now able to examine what makes campaigns successful and impactful. The five P’s is a great tool to have in my toolbox when clarifying a campaign’s message, and will be using this design tool often in my work. Evaluating organizations through approaches such as storytelling has made me look at them in a whole new light. I have learnt the importance of creating a clear, well thought out marketing plan that is based on solid research and sound marketing practices. I will be using the practices of researching, listening and creating messages specific to my personas in my ongoing work.

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