Learning Objective: Resource Models

Develop resourcing strategies built on current market principles and procedures.

Artifact: Resource Models, Assignment 3 (PDF)

Rationale: In this assignment I focus on the resource plan for my social initiative brand to address the areas of financial, human, intellectual and social resources. I also provide details on how I will build social engagement to achieve this initiative and describe the appropriate resources to house my social impact idea. I use the powerful tool, the Mission Model Canvas (attached in the artifact), as the foundation for the assignment to identify key partners, key activities and key resources.

Change:  A moment of clarity was reconnecting with my social impact passion. Laying out all the details in the assignment gave me renewed confidence in my ability to work through all the obstacles and achieve high impact in the local design and nonprofit community. Looking at multiple resource models and taking into account items such as scaling, human capital and the level of complexities when mobilizing industries towards change.

In the rationale above I mentioned the mission model canvas – an important aspect of this tool is that it is adjusted as the project evolves. What begins as an initial idea can change in the real world as it is tested and implemented. Expanding the mission model canvas through this assignment allowed me to identify what areas of my social impact business I need to spend more time exploring.

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