Core Learning Objectives



Leading positive change in the world through the foundation of present moment awareness and compassion.


Learning the construct of good dialogue, re-framing conflict and increasing one’s ability for effective communication.


Co-collaborating, working effectively within teams and furthering understanding of cultural diversity.


Analyzing and generating sustainable positive change. Designing and developing a change project.

Social Impact Learning Objectives

Skills and perspectives to be a thoughtful leader in social endeavors

Social Impact Literacy

Synthesize the history, heritage, and context of social change and innovation for application to current world problems.

Interpersonal Communication

Develop and demonstrate the interpersonal and engagement skills necessary for effective leaders in a global community or organization.

Social Leadership

Function as mindful humanistic change agents and empathetic leaders skilled and knowledgeable about how to catalyze and sustain changes in social systems.

Resource Models

Develop resourcing strategies built on current market principles and procedures.

Social Evaluation

Develop and employ evaluation and learning approaches to gain visibility on and adapt efforts for systems change and social innovation.

Action Research

Research, analyze, and determine appropriate methods and contemporary strategies for designing and implementing initiatives that generate positive social impact.

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