Learning Objective: Interpersonal Communication

Develop and demonstrate the interpersonal and engagement skills necessary for effective leaders in a global community or organization.

Artifact: Human Development for Social Leadership, Assignment 2 (PDF)

Rationale: In this paper I set out to define my mission and vision, describe my idea and how I will achieve it through my understanding of leadership. I explain how I will use my skills to inspire and encourage change within the design and non-profit communities that I wish to positively impact. I define the actions that I will take to inspire a shared vision within my team and our clients and how I will use my clarified values and strengths to build trust and create a positive, collaborative environment. Also included in the paper is a mock timeline on achieving these goals.

Change: When I began this Master’s program I had a loose idea and vision to help the underserved non-profit segment, but did not know how to achieve it. Through my assignments and this learning objective I have been able to build upon my initial concept and apply solid leadership practices and strategies to move towards a formalized actionable plan that will positively impact my area of social impact.

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