Collaboration, Claremont Core

Learning Objective 1: Explore concepts of collaboration in human interaction.

Artifact: Assignment 3 (PDF)

Rationale: In my final assignment I utilized the collaboration concepts in my stakeholder interviews.

Change: I have found myself applying many of the concepts in everyday conversations, face-to-face and online teambuilding. Sharing openly and freely.

Learning Objective 2: Articulate contemporary understandings of power and privilege differentials in organizations and society.

Artifact: Dialogue Week 3

Rationale: In the week 3 dialogue post I discussed a way to influence through communication and collaboration is to disregard stereotypes and “culturally installed barriers and obstacles” (Brantley et al, 2003). By minimizing and not playing into preconceived notions of power and position, we can own our own power and begin to change the conversation around significant topics.

Change: I have really understood my own power and identified with my “power from within” this semester. I have been able to use this power to make important changes in personal situations that are no longer serving me.

Learning Objective 3: Identify and engage stakeholders to achieve definable goals.

Artifact: Assignment 3 (PDF)

Rationale: In assignment 3 I wrote about who my capstone stakeholders are my engagement with them not only for my capstone project but also for my social impact mission and passion beyond the CLU coursework.

Change: Learning to share my passion in collaborative environments has been an important change this semester. The exercises have forced me to articulate my social mission well.

Learning Objective 4: Create conditions for stakeholders to synthesize diverse perspectives in group settings.

Artifact: Dialogue Week 6 (PDF)

Rationale: In the example of the Disney organization case study, I explored ways that Eisner could have used to best solve the conflicts and collaborate more effectively.

Change: In professional and personal conversations I am conscious about remaining in a place where open dialogue can happen easily, establishing mutual purpose and not jumping to conclusions or unnecessary assumptions. This has been very beneficial. I am still working on becoming a better listener.

Learning Objective 5: Effectively manage interpersonal, organizational, and technology-mediated conflicts.

Artifact: Assignment 2 (PDF)

Rationale: In our group paper, assignment 2, we applied conflict resolution strategies to discrimination that Muslim American women who chose to wear the hijab face in professional/retail settings. In this paper we addressed this issue from interpersonal communication breakdowns, organizational behaviors and how tech and media affects this particular conflict.

Change: I have become aware of what the media is covering, what their spin is and what their intention is as this class progressed.

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