Change, Claremont Core

Learning Objective 1: Analyze and reflect on the traditions, frameworks, and concepts in the fields of social and organizational change, including examining the drivers, sources, and these causes of change: need, innovation, failure, and conflict.

Artifact: MCC 5304 Assignment 1 (PDF)

Rationale: In assignment 1, with the help of literature reviews I made a thorough analysis of a social problem. I looked at historic perspectives, and how organizations and change leaders are currently addressing the issue. I discussed what drivers and innovations are in place, proposed a solution and defined what collaborative efforts would need to be taken to deepen my understanding and create an effective solution.

Learning Objective 2: Analyze the dynamics and elements of change processes as they impact the trajectory of change.

Artifact: Week 4 dialogue (PDF)

Rationale: In week 4 dialogue post, I showed my understanding of the dynamics of a change process, Appreciative Inquiry. This process can highly impact the trajectory of change in a community or organization. By asking the right questions and starting with a positive, human-centered foundation we can presume that we will effect positive change.

Learning Objective 3: Understand alignment and learn to identify resources and processes that sustain change.

Artifact: Assignment 2 (PDF)

Rationale: In assignment 2, I described in detail the process and resources that will be used to sustain change. I will create alignment through alterations in my business to make room for the proposed change solution. In this assignment I took a thorough look at technological and software solutions available and human resource gaps that are missing in my current business structure. I ended the assignment with a timeline on how I will implement change and a sustainable plan for longer impact past the capstone project

Learning Objective 4: Analyze practices and acquire tools needed as an agent of change.

Artifact: Dialogue Week 6 (PDF)

Rationale: In week 6, I addressed the tools needed to be an agent of change. These were identified in the categories of people, technology and funds. For each I identified where I am at in the process and what requires further research and consideration.

Learning Objective 5: Develop approaches to creating visibility and generating insights for change.

Artifact: Assignment 3 (PDF)

Rationale: In the final assignment, I demonstrated this learning objective with a thorough, sustainable change plan. I developed the approach that would be taken to create change and discussed how to effectively use communication to create visibility. Understanding the pros and cons of my change strategy was important to creating a viable solution and for understanding how to overcome obstacles for long term potential.

Change: This course has helped me understand how to influence change on a personal, professional and community level. Our class readings, assignments and discussions have taught me that being of an open mind, questioning assumptions and having a change plan are all important to overcoming our resistance to change and implementing it. An array of processes, like creating a theory of change, design thinking and appreciative inquiry are now available to me to effect change in a positive manner. My personal favorite change tool has always been “trusting my gut” and this course supported my personal experiences with this. Being of sound mind, open heart and having good listening skills primes us for making good “gut” decisions and minimizes our fear of change. Learning how to assess and analyze the needs required to implement change in this course was also very insightful – this is a process that I will be using over and over again. Completing this course has made me confident that I have what it takes to effect positive change both personally and professionally.

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