Capstone Action Project


A self-directed project spanning my complete M.A. Social Impact educational experience. Includes research, analyzing, and determining appropriate methods and strategies for designing and implementing initiatives that generate positive social impact.

Research statement

As I value the impact of nonprofit organizations in the community, I want to study the marketing and brand development strategies of these socially driven enterprises so that I can improve their communication output via my branding and design skills, and so that my stakeholder group can communicate their mission and brand message with clarity.


The purpose of this project is to address the research statement above, explore the needs of my stakeholder group, and implement a viable solution. My stakeholder group consists of development and marketing staff in nonprofit organizations, commonly a group with limited funds, time, staff and knowledge resources. The group participated in my action research project – a pilot webinar to provide education on branding and communication improvements in their organizations. Surveys were conducted pre and post webinar and the results showed a positive change – an increase in understanding on the topics covered and actions that participants would implement within their organizations. The interest shown by participants is encouraging and shows that continuing down this path of creating a webinar series is a viable solution.


CHAPTER 1 – Project Scope, Mission, Vision and Proposed Solution

CHAPTER 2 – Literature Review and Initial Stakeholder Dialogue
Past, Current, Future Roles, Perspectives and Approaches on Branding in Nonprofits | A Look at the Learning Culture and Infrastructure in Nonprofits | Stakeholder Perspective on Branding in Nonprofits

CHAPTER 3 – Methods Determined with Stakeholders
Project Goals, Methods and Measurements Determined by Researcher and Stakeholders

CHAPTER 4 – Results: Evidence of Change through Project Implementation
Actions Taken by Researcher and Stakeholders | Measurements, Communication and Assessments of Results and Goal Achievement

CHAPTER 5 – Final Reflections and Recommendations
Project Summary | Guiding Values | Project Impact on Researcher and Stakeholders | Future Recommendations


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