Learning Objective: Action Research

Research, analyze, and determine appropriate methods and contemporary strategies for designing and implementing initiatives that generate positive social impact.

Artifact: MSI 5304 Week 6 Dialogue
MSI 5304 Assignment 3

Rationale: In week 6’s dialogue post, I discussed the four-pillar approach to evaluating performance and impact of an organization. This process helps to clarify what should be measured, create a theory of change, and decide on an appropriate level of evidence. I further demonstrated this learning objective in my peer responses on this thread. In assignment 3, I designed an action plan for an organization, Artistri Sud, using tools and processes studied throughout the Action Design for Change Course. At the end of this assignment, I created an action plan for my social impact initiative using similar processes as used for Artistri Sud. In this portion of the paper, I discussed what data I would collect and how it would be used to further understand, improve and promote the social initiative.

Change: This learning objective made me understand the importance of measuring and evaluating social impact performance. I learnt clear processes on how to develop an evaluation plan – tools such as Logic Models, Theory of Change, and the Four Pillars Approach will be helpful for assessing all future impact projects. My biggest change from this learning objective is the increase in my understanding of how to evaluate social impact projects – what metrics are important to measure, learning how to setup a baseline, how to use open-ended questions in evaluation, and how to use my findings to continue to improve my social impact work.

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